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My Path So Far

Massage Therapist, Creative, Dog Mom, CFO, Owner, Administrative Personnel, Instructor, Mentor, and Mother to be... I wear many hats.

Hi! I am Tabbatha, owner and creative behind That Massage Witch. I was the previous owner and massage therapist of Boost Massage, but now am in partnership with Kirsten Weiland over at Effective Wellness where I am still very much hands on.

But when am I not hands on? If I am not at the massage table, I am at one of my many workshop tables working with my Cricut, sewing machine, beading supplies, trinkets, essential oils, glue guns, resin, or any number of other tools and fun things to keep busy with.

Outside of all of the above, I love to spend time learning and teaching, loving my little family, and taking much needed breaks with naps, video games, or whatever sounds nice at the time.

I look forward to working with you soon!

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