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Going Live! (Again!) - The Switch to That Massage Witch

Hello Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween weekend safely and sugar-filled. Seeing all the adorable costumes on beggar's night is a highlight every year for me and I can't believe by this time next year, we will be dressing up our own little ghoul! Should I go with a lamb costume, mini monster, or ghostie? Maybe I'll just see what I find on sale!

I am here today to announce the full relaunch of my side hustle - That Massage Witch. This was a decision a long time coming that you may have seen as "Boost Products", "Tabby Lee Creations", and recently "Mindful Menagerie". The base of everything remains the same, but the name and my approach behind the scenes has definitely changed.

"That Massage Witch" comes from my Instagram of the same name. I have had this for the last year or two and it very much resonates with what I do and who I am. It only made sense to rebrand as such, it just took me a bit to get there due to fear of what people might think. The word "witch", even though more commonly used now, especially as a vibe or aesthetic,

sometimes still strikes people as "strange", "weird", and (more heavily) "satanic". While I am strange and weird in my own right, satan is definitely not part of my life. Why do I feel the need to explain this? I guess it just comes with the territory. I will probably write a blog post in the future about different religions and how literally everything is connected (clients know I say that about their bodies, too), however, I felt the need to just touch base about it here. If you have questions, I am a pretty open book, so just ask!

Now that I've said my piece about that, what can you look forward to here? Well, you may have noticed the full website revamp - a little of the same, a lot of differences. All scheduling for massage is over at where you can book your favorite hour of the week. Here at That Massage Witch, you will find this blog, products, items, services, and future things going on. My intention with this is to provide items and services that add to your daily life while I am able to be at home with my daughter and spend as much time raising her and taking care of my family as I can while still making an income (life just keeps

getting more expensive, as we all know). I still plan on being a damn good massage therapist, but I don't know is how that is going to play out once Baby Miller is born. I think I have mentioned before, I am a planner, so not being able to plan fully is a bit bothersome for my brain. My daughter in utero is already teaching me so much about patience! *enter crazy-faced emoji*

So! Starting today, you will find new products over in the shop as well as tarot, oracle, and mindful services that I wish to offer. The tarot and oracle services will be virtual offerings sent via email, but you can always ask about them at your next massage appointment, too! I plan on keeping an ever rotating selection of items and goods, so be on the lookout! Besides here, Instagram is primarily where I will be adding any updates and other fun things.

This blog will be full of the massage related posts I have done before, but will also have a fun spin with other things as soon as I get those all worked out.

I hope you will continue to follow and support my work as we go. Again, any questions are welcome! The more you know, the more you grow.

I appreciate each and every one of you and wish you all the very best! With the holidays coming up, life can be a bit hectic - so remember to breathe, take a time out, and be present (wrapped or unwrapped, that part is up to you - ha ha!)

Thank you so much! See you soon!



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