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Package Deals!

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read my rantings! Your support means the world to me!!


I just wanted to post quick about saving money while taking care of yourself! I offer *bundles* for your individual massage needs!

There is a spot at the top of the page where you can sign up and automatically have your massage paid for each month. These never expire and offer your massage at a great savings! The details can be found at

Would you like to pay in person? No problem! Chat about it with me at your next appointment and I can customize a plan just for you!

Don't want to worry about package deals? I understand! We will just continue business as usual for your sessions- Either way, you get your time and I get to do what I love! Win/win!

Thank you for being here and reading this! I truly appreciate all your support!

Have a great day!! Stay healthy! Bye!


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