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The Only Constant in Life is Change... but in a Good Way!

Hello Everyone! It has been a minute since I last wrote a post. I have been hard at work trying to make Effective Wellness as amazing as it can be alongside the incredible Kirsten.

Weekly and monthly meetings, lots of coffee from Max's Coffee Truck, and boatloads of paperwork all to ensure we can bring you the best care while taking care of our bodies and our families. The work never ends, but we wouldn't have it any other way - honest! Running a business has a lot of moving parts, but it is so rewarding to be able to bring these services to our little community. Because of you, we are able to do what we love!

So, what's this post about then? A few changes are definitely happening - these are being posted here because it has more to do with what I started with Boost Massage last year and my ever changing life going forward. I am sure we will be posting to Effective Wellness and Prairie Escape as well, but here are all the details.

First things first, I am pregnant with my first child! At the time this posts, I will be 15 weeks along. Excited is only one of the very many things I have been feeling the last 3 months. To actually let this secret out into the world is a whole other host of emotions! My husband is also thrilled and cannot wait to meet our mini-us in April. While my body is busy growing an entire human, he has been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout everything. I will keep everyone updated as I progress because, of course, this will effect you, too!

Have no fear, I do not plan on going anywhere. Of course, there will be a point when I need to step back and actually give birth, care for the new babe, and get some much needed sleep. However, I plan on sticking around as long as possible. As of today, my goal is to continue working until March 31st. Now, if my body and baby decide otherwise, this date could change. As baby grows, I may also need to cut back on how many appointments I take per day. Right now, I do not know how that looks, but just giving you a heads up. I am a planner, so believe me, not knowing/having a full plan is frustrating... guess that is preparing me for what's to come, right?

With this unpredictability coming up, I will be stopping all monthly packages effective December 31st. You are more than welcome to still pre-pay for a certain amounts in house, but the auto-withdrawals will cease. I hope to have an email out to those who subscribe with more details before this posts, but here is my/our reminder. Any that accrue will of course be honored whenever we can set up your appointment - both for monthly package people and pre-paid package people. (Keep in mind, these work with Kirsten as well!)

Anything else going on? Thank you so much for asking! While I am slowing down the hands-on portion of things, I plan on ramping up my hand-made side business. This went from Boost Massage Products to Mindful Menagerie and will be further known as That Massage Witch. I have decided to brand myself with what I have been on Instagram for a while now and roll with it. This will be more authentically me and I hope to bring some really great things to the table. Scrubs, sprays, jewelry, one-of-a-kind creations, and many other things I have cooking up. With this comes an overhaul of the website, so stay tuned! I hope to have a nice preview of items for the Small Business Saturday Pop-Up, but we'll see (again, growing a whole human... oh and working two jobs...). Work/life balance, what's that?

You will be able to find all the updates for That Massage Witch on Instagram and right here at what is now

You are more than welcome to message or call me with any questions at all. I will be deleting the Boost/Mindful Menagerie Facebook page, but I will still have my personal Facebook. However, I am rarely ever on there, so phone or email are best.

Ok... I think that is enough for this post. So long story short, keep visiting us at Effective Wellness and over at for massage and wellness needs. Keep visiting me here at and over on Instagram @thatmassagewitch to follow my journey and see what I have brewing. If anything, there should be cute baby things now and then! Message me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Again, I don't plan on going anywhere!

Thank you so much for your support this far and what I know will carry on into the future. I am really looking forward to everything happening and can't wait to update you soon enough!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day! -Tabbatha


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