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Updates and What to Look Forward To

Hello and thank you for checking out this blog!

I just wanted to mention how FLOORED I am by the support I am seeing from this community. It can be difficult being a new face in a small town, but it has been an incredible transition and I have YOU to thank for it! So, thank you so very much!

(Abbie being floored for me. She's just so good at it!)

One big update we have at the Prairie Escape Wellness Center and Boost Massage is our mask policy: If you are Covid-19 vaccinated, you are no longer asked to wear masks! You may still wear them if you wish, but it is no longer required for the common areas my studio. I will respect your privacy and not ask for proof, however, if you are not vaccinated, it is recommended you continue to mask up! You will still see me wearing a mask during our sessions because that is how I am comfortable (I see multiple people everyday and need to keep myself as healthy as I can for you and for me).

As for things to look forward to... I am continuously working to improve my website and all the little things in my massage studio. You may see additions, smoother transitions, or other things here and there. If you have any questions or comments, please speak up! I always welcome feedback and love to answer questions!

A fresh coat of paint is on its way to the studio! I CAN NOT WAIT to show everyone what I (and a good friend of mine) are cooking up... stay tuned!

I also have a few blog posts in the works to share here. This will include tips, tricks, and stretches to help you continue to feel your best!



I do have one small request from you! If you have enjoyed a massage from me at any point, please consider leaving a review on this website, Facebook, or Google! It helps a small business expand their reach on the internet, as well as let me know how I am doing or how I can improve.

Again, thank you so much for your support! If you are reading this then you get an EXTRA thank you and a gold star for today! Your time is valuable and knowing that you spent it here is incredible. THANK YOU!

Alright... I believe that is it for now. Have a great week and I will see you soon!

- Tabbatha


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